Using browser's built-in PDF viewer

The Retool PDF component is very limited and really reinvents the wheel as most (all ?) browsers have pdf viewers already. The component does not allow to zoom in/out, print or access a basic authenticated url. All are supported natively by Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari,...

I have had no luck using the object or embed tag in the HTML, iFrame or custom component (with PDF.js) to invoke the built-in viewer though.

Has someone figured out how to display e.g. natively i.e. using the browser capability ?
If that works, then our use case should work too i.e. https links to pdfs protected by Basic Auth (which caches the header/cookie in the browser) + it unlocks all PDF component limitations.

Hey @yiga2!

One thing you might try is using a 3rd part API like Adobe's PDF Embed to display your PDFs in Retool. I've attached an example app of what that might look like, could that work?
pdf-embed-rotate.json (21.4 KB)

@Kabirdas Couldn't make your app work for me. I set up the API on Adobe website, added as allowed domain, pasted the API key in textInput2, but the component always returns This application domain ( is not authorized to use the provided PDF Embed API Client ID.

It still requires a lot of boilerplate vs. just passing the pdf to the browser to handle natively.
Why going through a component ? Which btw I feel would not work if browser must prompt for Basic Authentication.

I don't know the full limitations of using a browser's built-in PDF viewer. I think the browser's Content Security Policy is part of it (you can read more about that as it relates to PDFs in this post). There have been a number of requests to improve the PDF viewer though and I'll try and pass features along here if and when they're included.

Unfortunately, for now, viewing the PDF in a separate window or using a 3rd party API (which is indeed a lot of boilerplate) might be the best way to go.

The app should work on Cloud with as the allowed domain as long as you've added the Adobe Embed API:

The app wasn't set to reload the custom component automatically when entering the API key, I edit the post so the attached json does so. That may have been the issue but if not I can take a closer look with you if you'd like!

I appreciate the effort @Kabirdas but I have settled on using hyperlinks to a given target (reuses same tab/window) instead of embedding a viewer.

It has the benefit of leveraging multiscreen setup: Retool canvas on one, pdf in browser on another.

Better than before ! (and simpler :grinning:)

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