How do I export my retool custom component as a pdf?

I'm using Retool to generate a page which I then want to be exportable as a pdf. I'm aware that the built in pdf features don't work for custom components/iFrames etc, but I was wondering if there is a workaround, preferably without using another external tool/API.

Hi @Steven_Nelson

If you are able to generate an image of the iFrame content, you might show an Image component instead of the Custom one only for the export function.

Hope this help

Thanks for your suggestion @abusedmedia, have tried but not succeeded in generating an image of the component, using both html2canvas and html-to-image.

I'm not aware of any workarounds, but the image idea is a good one, @abusedmedia!

Just wanted to note that this bug is currently in our backlog, but we'll post here if it gets fixed.

Unfortunately it's not a real Retool bug, but a browser limitation (security) that prevents reading the DOM of a cross-domain iFrame.

Indeed, any iFrame based component (tableau, looker, etc ) are affected as well.