PDF reader within the app?

Has anyone managed to find a way /solution to open a pre-determined /hosted PDF file within the app itself?

Like a modal that loads in the PDF file?
Right now I've got it linking with a button, and opens in a browser tab - but would be cool if it could load directly in the app itself.

thanks, Neil

Retool have this:

I use this with S3 bucket files in a table and when i select it i use query - view_pdf.data.Body to get the Base64 data to view pdf as you can see in File URL on 2nd image.

The blank white space in middle is the pdf component.

Thanks Jonnalo,
Silly me - I just assumed there wasn't a component. I was able to convert my file to Base64 code, and then add this code to a field in my database.

I also just read your PDF export article, this will definitely come in useful.


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