Users and custom IAM

Dear Community,

I do not fully understand the pricing for users which shall only consume the app(s).
Does every user need to be licensed to consume the app, or only developers/editors be charged per seat, but the app can be used by 10k users?

In relation, we maintain our own user database and auth. via OAuth compatible integration. As I would wish user not needing to register/be invited to retool itself, but only auth via known internal service, is this possible? Does this change the licensing of the app for the users?

Thank you.

Hey @sonicsw!

At the moment, most use cases for Retool require that every user has a seat in the org. For apps that don't require any kind of user authentication and can be accessed by anybody who has the URL, Public Apps are often a great solution. Otherwise, the dev team is exploring more ways of sharing apps with external users.

If you're looking to share an app with 10k users who will be expected to have some kind of authentication and would like to share your use case with the PM for that project it would be awesome! You can send him a note at

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Hopefully, that helps answer your question but if you have any follow-ups, let me know here as well :slightly_smiling_face: