In need of informations about user billing


On behalf of my company we are looking into using retool to build internal administration tools.
But we do have some questions about the pricing plans.
Lets take a base use case where like a couple of users would be responsible of creating and maintaining any tools made with retool, then almost all the rest of the company should have access to thoses without the edition rights. As far as I have understood there no distinction between admin / editors users and "standard" users that just interacts / look at the apps. All are on the same page in terms of pricing. For instance in a entreprise with 50 peoples using a cloud plan hosted case that would be like 50 peoples * 50$ * months.

But what about self-hosted cases how that would be calculated?

I do not see any contact forms appart from the "book a demo"" button to have more informations on entreprises plans.

Thanks in advance.


Yup, users in Retool are anyone logging in with an account to use/edit apps. You can create public apps where anyone with the URL can access an app, but there are some limitations there. In terms of the plans and pricing, the cloud/self-hosted toggle lists more details about each. But essentially, both sides have free, team, and enterprise options, where the cloud additionally offers the business plan (which is the $50/user/month option). If you're interested in hearing more on the enterprise options, we can put you in touch with our sales team, feel free to let us know which features from the page you're most interested in, and roughly how many users you're potentially looking to use the platform.



Thanks for the quick response. I do not have precises figures to guive you, I am merly an intermediate. But we can easily plan between 30 to 50 users (growing).
The mains features we are looking for (and some of them tested them on a free plan) are OpenApi integration, access control, connect to databases and api obviously, and having multiple staging / prod / dev / you name it environments (we currently have 5 and might need more). Those all enter in the business plan but we may like to also include an Okta SSO and use the source control feature as well (in the future).

I do like to have more informations on the enterprise options if you do not mind pointing me in the correct direction.

Thank you very much.

Hey, @DW_Nathan could you please write in to our team so we can connect you with sales? You can visit the pricing page here. Click on the blue circle in the bottom right of the page and then send us a message.

Thank You!