Retool Embed Pricing?

Hi there!

My organization has been using Retool for internal tools and loving it - we're building an interface right now that we're hoping to share publicly on our website using Retool Embed. Since we're sharing this tool publicly, we're hoping to forgo an actual login flow for each user, and just authenticate each user to a well-scoped permissions group upon visiting the page. We're worried about the pricing, though. Am I correct in thinking that each new user to our interface would be billed at the end user rate (say, $15/month/user)? So, if we have 100 new users in a month (or even 50 users who each visit the interface twice), we would be billed (assuming the previous end user rate) ~$1,500 at the end of the month?

Hey Matt,

We generally encourage people to use Embed where you need those users visiting your app to be authenticated (such as within an app you've already built outside of Retool).

If I'm understanding your use case correctly (a public facing website with unauthenticated users), this is a perfect situation for a public app, which will be free.