Urlparam and back button in browser

I am running a number of queries in an app that rely on the urlparams.variant_id.
This issue i have is when i am in the app and I wish to change the "variant_id" and reload all the queries, triggering the "open app" and setting the urlparam doesn't actually reload anything.
The queries aren't recognising the change in the urlparams.
I then decided to use localstorage instead, but now the back button is broken, as the browser doesn't know about the change in the localstorage value.
I'm sure there is an easy solution, I'm just not finding it.
Any tips greatly appreciated.

I got this working using the pairing of a text component on the page and the url hash following this guide. Customize app URLs | Retool Docs

Actually, this does not work either. It does reload the queries on each change, but still the back button on browser is not working as it's not registering the url hash changes.

Hey @jason3w I'm moving this to feature requests. As you noted, url hash params are the recommended solution for updating url params without reloading the page, but this still doesn't work well when hitting the back button in your browser. This is the expected behavior, but we've been looking at improving the usability of url params