URGENT: Need help with Retool forms

Retool Team -

I hope you can help me with a big issue. I saw that "Forms" was available at the top menu bar so I wanted to play around with it as I have an upcoming use case. I came up with a test form (and did not actually submit any data), but somehow ALL OF THE DATA in my production database was overwritten by the default values used in the form!

Please please please tell me you have a backup. And please disable the forms until it is actually ready for use so that no one else runs into the same issue!

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Hey @Jessica_D - I don't think we've seen any cases of that before, can you add some context on the configuration and workflow you went through? Also in terms of backup, is this a Retool DB database, or a custom database you connected to?

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I am using Retool DB for my storage.

I'm terrified to reopen the form I created.. but here's a rundown of what I did. Upon further look, I still have a majority of my data, but I lost everything that was in a 'number' field like zip codes and phone numbers.

  1. Created new form using Retool forms. Instead of starting from scratch, I had it generate the fields from a database table I have (Retool DB).
  2. Renamed some of the fields to be more friendly.
  3. Changed some of the fields from text input to number. I think this is where the issue occurred. The form actually changed the schema of my database and defaulted everything to 0.

I was not alerted that the schema would be altered.

I am trying to see if I can piece together the lost data in random spreadsheets that I have.

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Hi @Jessica_D! We have snapshots we can restore from, so your data is safe! Can you please share a timestamp of when you'd like your retooldb to be restored to and the affected table(s)? Feel free to message me directly if you prefer that instead.


Good to know there are snapshot backups. Since the data was limited to just a few fields, I luckily had some spreadsheet backups of my own. I was able to restore the data using some vlookups and queries :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.


Hi @Jessica_D ,

I'm the developer for Retool Forms and I apologize for confusion and inconvenience.

We currently perform database migrations for RetoolDB; however, this may not be clear or logical when selecting the 'Generate the fields from a database' option.

Moving forward, I'm planning to restrict database migrations only for "Starting from scratch" option.

Let us know if we help more or have any feedback !



I understand that Retool forms is in it's infancy, but I am curious to know how sophisticated it will be in the future (and how soon). As it stands right now, it's not a good fit for my use case.

Some suggestions:

  1. Support multi-page forms (Step 1, Step 2, etc.)
  2. Address validation/completion
  3. Ability to have fields next to each other, change sizing etc.
  4. Conditional steps/logic to move through the form
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Thanks for all the feedback !

We are currently collecting more feedback to decide what's next steps for the form !