Retool Forms Response Page Long/Inf Loading Time

Hey Community!

I just got access to the private beta for Retool Forms to build some test feedback forms for our clients.

Anyways I finished making a form from scratch, and sent the form to test out for myself and a co-worker. We filled it out just fine, but when I wanted to look at the responses, the 'Responses' page just loads forever (at least still loading after 30 mins currently).

I poked around and noticed that there is actually no Retool DB table created for the form responses if I go to Resources > Retool Database. I assumed this would have been made automatically.

It is also weird, because if I go to access the Retool DB again for a form (or even a component in a separate App), the form table does come up as an option to access. But going to Resources > Retool Database, the table does not show up.

Any thoughts?

Update: the response page has loaded which is good!

However the Retool database still does not show the table

Hi @Elliott_Dobbs I'll make sure this gets flagged to our team :thinking:

To clarify the extent of the issue, does the form name show in the list if you click this button on the Retool Database page?

If you type the name of the table into the url, does it come up in the Retool database page? :crossed_fingers:

Get the table name from the form editor:

In this example, newFormApplication:

Then, go to Retool Database, and replace the current table name in the url with this new table name:[this is where you'll type the name of your table]?env=production


Hey Tess!

Thanks for helping look into this!

Looking at it now, everything is working as intended, Whoop! Sorry for not following up on here!

I might have just been tinkering with it at a weird time between the beta and production of the Forms feature

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Glad it's working! Keep us posted on any other feedback that comes up

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