Issue with Standalone Form feature

Hello all,

I've strangely lost access to the Retool Standalone Form feature. The "Form" button is no longer in my top nav bar and when I click the Form + button below

I get an error message saying "Edit access required".

I can still access and edit previously created Forms. One of the Retool admins and I went through the permissions panel together and could not for the life of us find the permissions for Forms or any other indicator of what toggle needed to be changed to regain access.

This all started when I was unable to access the Retool DB, though I was able to create Forms then. After toggling my Retool DB permissions, it seems somehow my access to Forms was lost. Is this a bug? Please advise.

If this info is helpful, we are on the Cloud version of Retool - Enterprise level.

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Hey there! We have the same problem. The Forms option has disappeared from the top menu bar for us as well. On top of that, at the moment, the following has happened:

  • When submitting a form input, an interface to login into Retool is coming up. This might imply that to use the feature you need (editing) access to Retool, which is not something we want for everyone in the team.

  • Since I have editing access, I am able to access previously created forms, but the interface where you could connect the form to a workflow has completely disappeared and the feature is not enabled anymore. We had something setup for an internal use cases and now upon form submission the target workflow is not triggered anymore.

:sos: Can anyone pls help or raise transparency on this? Thank you!

Thanks for raising, we're investigating!



Sorry about confusion, I have made following changes last week to upgrade forms:

  • Form tab has been merged into app tab
    • This also means form apps will work just like web/mobile app for how permissions work. Let me double check if the permission is working as expected.
    • Bugs related to form apps delete, etc should be fixed
  • "Action tab" (workflow tab) should be back
  • "Action tab" has new enterprise feature "Custom redirect URL", which is enterprise feature to redirect to given URL upon successful submission
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can you help me understand more about "When submitting a form input, an interface to login into Retool is coming up."

Is making a submission redirecting login page ?

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Hey, correct. But this is not happening anymore after the fixes. Thank you so much for your support, everything works as expected now. :rocket:

Hey, correct, it used to behave like this. It should be sorted now, though. I'll get back to you, if I see this behaviour again. Thank you for your help and the fixes, really appreciated!