Enhanced Types for Retool Forms

PLEASE add additional component types for retool forms! Is this on the roadmap?
Specifically - multi-select, rich text, and DateTime components would be HUGE.

To give a bit more background on my use case - I run a website that has all of the events in a given city. I'd love to have a form for people to submit their own events and go directly into my database. Unfortunately without all of the necessary components they'll need to submit everything as text then there will be a manual process to transfer the data over.

I've looked into Retool portals as well but it doesn't seem that this will support my use case either.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Forms does support multiselect and datetime today! Let me know if you're not seeing those. While no richtext at the moment (we'll probably upgrade this component soon across retool), textarea is supported.

Am I crazy lol? I'm not seeing either. Any insight you have would be great!

Ah so I believe you're using your own db, correct?

We limit the types based on the field type in your schema, so for a text field type we wouldn't show a multiselect or datetime format.

If you had a type like json in postgres or timestamp in mysql, you would see multiselect and datetime, respectively. If you want to see all available field types, you can do a "start from scratch" rather than existing db with retooldb and we'll adjust and update the schema based on the form.


Yes, I'm running my own Postgres database. Out of curiousity - is there any reason that you limit the datatypes in forms, when they aren't regulated in the full app platform? (Whether its best practice or not) I use text fields in my holding database for added flexibility, which convert to the correct datatypes in the production database once the data is approved.

Also I'm excited for the Rich Text component enhancements. Maybe I'm in the minority but I'm a big users for this and definitely see the current component as outdated.

Let me know what you think as for the best path forward, and thanks for the help!

Hey @Drowe003! Just wanted to follow up here. We currently limit the dataypes in forms to help ensure good database hygiene, but we'll be open to reconsidering this in the future. It's not something that will be changed in the near term.

The best path forward depends on where you want the data to live. If you are ok having the staging data in RetoolDB then you can just create a form from scratch (with your preferred components) and we'll autogenerate the schema for the underlying table.

If you would prefer to have the data stored in your current db, and you require the multiselect component etc, then changing the datatypes of the staging table columns would be the best solution.

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the follow up. I ended up starting form scratch and housing the temporary data in retool DB. No issues with that approach so far!