Form title with Swedish characters (Å, Ä, Ö) breaks everything

When having Swedish characters (Å, Ä, Ö) in the Retool Form title, after saving the Form, you can't open the Form again; it just keeps loading the spinner there forever, and the console says something about an error regarding the URL decoding.

I just lost my Form content entirely because of this bug. Now, I rebuilt the Form again by removing the Å, Ä, and Ö letters from the title and building the content again. Finally done and published again – but once filled it's not sending at all...

Error 404 coming from submit form to console with any kind of dummy data – the form is simply not working. No way to debug, solve, duplicate the form or anything else.

Not very happy with this; three hours straight to the trash bin. Confidence to start building from scratch again for the third time is not high.

Hello @joonasm!

Apologies for the issues, that you for surfacing these bugs so we can fix them and hopefully help you out :sweat_smile:

I was able to reproduce the first bug, a form I created with Swedish characters is now caught at a spinning wheel and gave me an error message in the console. I can report this to our engineering team as I would imagine it might be a parsing bug stemming from some kind of regex interpolation or the URL.

For the second bug, is there any chance you have any screen shots or more details about the form that led to the 404 error? Did you 'generate from database' or 'start from scratch'? If you generated from a database, what kind of database is it?

The forms creator is fairly new, as backup in the short term to make sure that form data can be posted to your DB, have you tried building a form component inside an app to attach to a query to the meantime?

Thanks. I've sent further details about the form to your address so you can take a look from there. It's still possible to reproduce with the URL I've given there.

It's quite disappointing to see that Forms was released without the basic functions working properly. This undermines our trust in the tool. Additionally, the fullscreen Retool advertisement on the response submitted screen is a letdown, especially considering we're paying customers.

We may have to stick to using Google Forms or Retool Apps to make our use case work for now—Retool Forms is unstable and does not look good.

Thanks for sending that to our support email, any chance you could like the URL for me to reproduce the bug?

I have been able to use forms successfully for a while now, but did find another little bug our eng team will definitely be going over the forms to get that smoothed out for you and the community ASAP!

Definitely support using retool apps built in form component for now as that has been well tested and proven.