Upgrading Account

Does anyone know how to get your account upgraded? I am trying to move the the Business level and I can't do it under my account. They say to contact support, but I am not even getting an auto reply from them.

Anyone know how to get Retool to let me give them more money to use their product?!

Hi there, glad you're looking forward to getting onto our annual Business plan! We hear you, and want to make this a smoother process.

I'm on the engineering team, and we plan to make this upgrade path for our annual Business plan self-serve shortly, which will remove the bottleneck of reaching out to manually configure it. In the meantime, thanks for your patience as we get through the volume of requests to upgrade. You should hear from our billing support team soon via email!

Hi, just wanted to check in to see if you got any response from our billing support team?

Hi, same here, I've "upgraded" (or so I wanted) my Retool Cloud plan from Personal to Business (monthly) but not seeing any changes. The "Subscribe" buttons there make it look like self-serve, is it not yet? Any additional steps I need to do to switch to Business?
Thank you!

The subscribe buttons should indeed accomplish this for you. If you're still having any issues, feel free to reach out to support@retool.com or message me directly here.