Your trial has ended! To edit your page you will need to upgrade your plan

My organisation keeps getting this error when we try to edit apps or create new apps on retool.

We are on the Business plan and on an annual subscription which I don't think have expired. We paid last year May.

Kindly assist as this is impeding our work.

Hey, thanks for reaching out!

Perhaps someone signed up for an enterprise trial which had issues when it reverted back to your annual cloud plan. I've cleared this trial which seems to have fixed the visual issue I was seeing on my side, can you confirm if it's now working again?

If not, please may I have permission to log into your org to try some other steps (this will also allow me to confirm myself when the issue is fixed)

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Thank you Isaac, everything seem to work just fine so far.

How can I reach you if I need further assistance. Seems your account support email is unresponsive .

I see you wrote into the support email also. Looks like our automatic system flagged this post as being higher priority than your email due to the different wording, which is why you received a response here first!

Thanks for confirming, you can continue to receive account help here or via the email also going forward! (though the latter is of course better for discussing sensitive information).

I'll send a follow up on the support email also!


There use to be a live chart on the app with fast response time, it's no longer there.

Same error on our side, our entire team is blocked for several days without answer from the support :frowning:

I'm sorry to hear you both weren't able to chat with us as quickly as before :pensive: We actually no longer have live chat support, but emailing us for account issues and commenting here were both the right things to do! It looks like everyone in this thread has been helped by our Customer Support team via email. so I'll go ahead and close this thread out, but for anyone else viewing this thread, email us at to get this resolved!