Understanding this error code

Hello all,
I am trying to update a specific cell in my table, but I keep getting this error code.

What does it mean

Hey @WolfSheep!

It looks as though the database user associated with Retool on this resource doesn't have write permissions. You can try running something like the following to double check:

SELECT grantee, privilege_type 
FROM information_schema.role_table_grants 
WHERE table_name='test_table'

This is usually fixed on the database side of things or by specifying a new user in your resource setup page. Are you able to set permissions on this DB?

I am using an airtable database via sequin proxy and this is the message it showed me after running the query


so how do i change the privilege type

You'll have to do so from the database you're connecting so that depends on how it's being hosted. If you don't have access to change user permissions on the database you may need to contact your DB admins!