Can't query table in Retool DB

Hi community,

I have created a table in the retool db called "Planned_Delivery_Cache". When I try to query it now, I get an error stating the table doesn't exist (see screenshot).

I have already ensured that I'm using the correct table name and if I try the same query on another table from the retool db, I don't face any issues.

Maybe anyone has experienced something similar in the past and can help me.
Thanks in advance.


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Try using the GUI panel instead and see what happens....

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Considered that already, but the GUI panel does not provide GET functionality, if I'm not mistaken

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For table or column with upper case letter, you have to put them in quote for SQL to work, e.g.

SELECT * FROM "Planned_Delivery_Cache"

As you can see in the error message, without quote, SQL will convert the table name to lower case


Is always recommended use lowcase in db tables. Not capped (upper case) words

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Yep, I realized this by now :sweat_smile: thanks for the hints!

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