My table is not showing some columns

Hello, I want to make a table with some data from the retool database, the problem is that when I want to connect the resource, the table tells me that there is no data in the column "nombre" and in the column "telefono". this is the error it shows me

However, in the resource it shows me the complete table with the missing data.

so I don't know how to make the information show up in the table, I really don't know exactly what is causing the error

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Try regenerating the column and set primary key (mostly is id column from db) if you dont have primary key that could be the issue, try creating a id column indentity

And run the query again

@Juan_Carlos_Ortiz Along with setting the primary key, you can also refresh the table columns. This could help sync the current columns to the table. This is sometimes necessary, especially if you have switched data sources.

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