Unable to open retool app online

When i go to my retool to edit a mobile app. It just shows up as 404 "Go home".

Both view/edit are not working!

I am having this same issue. Need some help from retool support here.

Hey @jgschaaf @PadenM, taking a look here. Just to confirm, you are attempting to view / edit a mobile app on your Cloud account but receiving a 404 error? Do the apps load on mobile devices?

Yes. It loads on mobile. Once i moved the app out of the folder it was in.i was able then click on view/edit form my computer. But it was only app inside one folder

@PadenM Got it, thanks. Glad you can access that app now. Was the app in that folder prior to today when you saw this 404 error? Was this a new folder / app? Taking a look at logs to see if we can find the root cause, so any additional info would be great.

yes it has been in that folder since it was created. And it seem to only deal with one folder. the other folders were not affected. The link connected is showing this.

Also a note, maybe i just never noticed but even other apps that work currently are showing a "..../undefined" on the end of the url. but it still works

@PadenM @jgschaaf Can you try those apps in the original folders again. The team found something that may have been causing the issue and reverted it. Thanks!

Yes, that works now.

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This issue seems to be resolved for me now.

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