Unable to log in after my company moved from Google-based to Microsoft-based account

I signed up to Retool with my company's account vaha@opinov8.com through SSO (via Google, not email-password);
But then, my company moved from Google-based emails to Microsoft (Outlook)
Now I'm not able to log in to my acc in Retool via Google as there's no more Goggle account, only Microsoft one

Furthermore, there's another issue, I need my account to be deleted/archived because I need to get an invite to a different organization, but they cannot send it to me as I'm already in some other org

Would you be so kind to help me figure this out? Could you just delete my acc and org so that I can get an invite to new org nad create new acc?

Hey @vhavronsky!

I've gone ahead and archived your account, you should be able to sign up in a new org using that same email address :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you run into any further trouble!