Sign up with Google issue

Hi there,
I am having problems with signing up with Google. The system asks me to "Provide a few more details about your organization.". I want to join an existing organization but they cannot add me because it says I am in a different organization. I did not joined another organization and I cannot see my profile details because I am stuck in "Provide a few more details about your organization." phase.

How can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi Melisas, It looks like you wrote in separately, and this should be resolved for you now. Of course, let us know if we can still help you with anything else! In case this could be helpful for others who run into the similar issue - in Retool, each email address needs to be unique to the respective cloud instance. What likely happened in this case is that you signed up with Google SSO but your organization does not have auto-routing, which means that our system prompted you to create a new organization and finish the onboarding flow. If this were to happen, please reach out to us and we will archive one of your accounts so you can be invited to the correct org.