Delete my account

By mistake, I signed up with Google on my own.

From the company organization, it wasn't possible to receive an invite. I would want to delete the organization/account that I created with Google. Is that possible?

My organization is at

Hey @soheil!

Your account and org have been archived, you should be free to join your company's org :slightly_smiling_face:


Update! :slightly_smiling_face: :tada: You can now archive your own account (to help get you out of the wrong org).

You can navigate to Settings > Account > check the bottom of the page and click the "Archive account" button there.

If you run into any issues, we'll gladly help get things sorted!

hey, @victoria i'm not able to see the option when i open my in , i am also facing the same issue as soheil , can someone please help to archive this account , i am not able to receive mail from my orgs retool.

Hi @Aryan_Amresh! The settings should be in the Retool organization itself (e.g. which is different from Can you let me know if you still can't find it there?