How not to show staging release versions on production?


I've noticed that all of the release versions I create on staging I can also access on production. Is there a way to have them separate? For example my "production" versions and my "staging" versions? Or I can create multiple releases on staging and only have it on production when it's published?

Currently, when I create versions on staging and go to the production environment and check history all of my versions from staging are transferred over.

For example:


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Hey @ovryu, thanks for writing in. I don't believe this is possible at this time, thus, I think it'd be great if you changed this from a How Do I to a Feature Request. :+1:

I'd like to 2nd this feature request.

I'm dealing with multiple environments, alpha, beta and production, and would like to be able to publish a different version to each environment.

I understand that currently environments really just impact the resources that are access, and all the code is the same. However, in our system we're using GraphQL APIS, and these change from release to release as we add features: New graphQL APIs are available in alpha vs beta vs production.

Publishing a release intended for beta users will break production.

Being able to publish a particular release to beta, then later promote it to production when the feature goes live would be invaluable.

I know I COULD send a draft link to users, but:

  1. It's time intensive and clumsy: I need to send it to everyone who is testing, and send a NEW link every time I update
  2. Users without edit access would end up using the draft against the default PRODUCTION environment, rather than the alpha or beta environment, as releases are not linked to an environment.

+1 for this


having the same problem here. Please build version control by each envs!

Initially we want to access prod/staging resources in a single app via swiching the envs. But soon found that all changes in staging apply to all envs. Users in produciton can see the UI updated but get error since API and new DB migrations haven't updated to the new version.

Eventually we just created two apps for staging/production envs....