How can we separate Dev env from production env?

I am using Retool for application building. We are on a self hosted Business plan and have a few questions below.

  • How can we separate Dev env from production env. There are certain pages which we want only in dev env not in production.
  • How can we manage the release process on Retool?
  • How to view the switch between dev and production for application view only?

Any help will be appreciated.


  1. You can setup two envs with 2 different retools and then sync apps with VCS.
    It's tough to say, usually dev and prod separated on network level, so resources for both envs will be hard to connect from the single instance.
    Ask retool support for pricing, I guess they do not charge for the second instance per user.
  2. Use VCS, should resolve the problem
  3. dunno :slight_smile:
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