Unable to disable query success notification

According to the docs: https://docs.retool.com/docs/queries#response-options

By default, queries show notifications in the center of the app screen on any failures. JavaScript queries also show notification messages on success. You can modify the messages, adjust the notification duration, and disable these success or failure notifications from the Response tab of the query editor.

However, I can't see the ability to disable to success notification:

Hi @melloyellow Thanks for reaching out! :thinking: This looks like an automatically triggered Postgres query. Since it runs on page load - and on inputs change - it won't have a success notification, and therefore there's no way to configure or disable that.

Are you seeing a success notification for this query? If you create a new Javascript query, you'll see an additional section for disabling success notifications

Hi @Tess - I found out the success notification was actually coming from a custom module we'd built.

I was able to turn it off there.


Ah, got it! Thanks for letting us know :blush: