Disabling Query Success Toasts

As mentioned in this thread here It would be really appreciated if we could disable the success toasts when a query successfully completes - we believe this will add a level of professionalism to our tool. Thank you.

Hey @cmiljkovic - this feature is already available! In the “advanced” section for your query, you should be able to uncheck the “show notification on success” box.

So to clarify on this, I think that @everett was answering how to completely disable all success notifications in an app. Using CSS, like he was outlining you can completely hide that notice as a global setting.

As Justin is saying here, each query does have the option to hide it's success notification, or change the message to a custom option if the query is set to run when manually triggered. If the query is set to run when inputs change, that UI is hidden and the notification is disabled by default.

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