Trying to use Retool Storage in staging

I am getting an image to display in an email via retool storage in a workflow I am working. I am triggering the workflow via Api with a retool mobile app. But it showing me this error in the retool mobile editor

When I go to Resources there is no option to enable the staging environment.

If you are using the free version, Production is the only environment available, AFAIK

I am not, I have the business plan

Have you read in the following:
" To use your files in apps and workflows, create a resource query and select Retool Storage as the resource."

Sorry If you misunderstood.

The problem is that I am using retool storage as a resource in a Workflow

The workflow is being trigerred via a RESTquery (apirequest) in a Retool Mobile App. When I send the trigger, the output about the resource not configured is showing in the Retool Mobile Web editor.

Above my pay grade on this one. :slight_smile: Sending a flare up to @Tess @Kabirdas @victoria

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:sweat_smile: Thank you anyways! Hope @Tess @victoria @Kabirdas Can help me with a solution! :grin: