Trying to use Retool Storage in staging

I am getting an image to display in an email via retool storage in a workflow I am working. I am triggering the workflow via Api with a retool mobile app. But it showing me this error in the retool mobile editor

When I go to Resources there is no option to enable the staging environment.

If you are using the free version, Production is the only environment available, AFAIK

I am not, I have the business plan

Have you read in the following:
" To use your files in apps and workflows, create a resource query and select Retool Storage as the resource."

Sorry If you misunderstood.

The problem is that I am using retool storage as a resource in a Workflow

The workflow is being trigerred via a RESTquery (apirequest) in a Retool Mobile App. When I send the trigger, the output about the resource not configured is showing in the Retool Mobile Web editor.

Above my pay grade on this one. :slight_smile: Sending a flare up to @Tess @Kabirdas @victoria

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:sweat_smile: Thank you anyways! Hope @Tess @victoria @Kabirdas Can help me with a solution! :grin:

Hi there!

Happy to help out with this. When I attempt to recreate this on my end, I am able to access Retool Storage without issue in Staging mode.

Are there other resources you are using in the workflow that may need their configuration adjusted to allow for staging mode as well?


Hey! I am not, its definitley retool storage, its because I am sending a rest api query and the endpoint is on staging environment


Hey @pedrowach! I've tried to set this up to replicate, but unable to get the error.

Mobile app => trigger workflow via API => workflow uses Retool Storage.

This works in both the production and staging environments of the app. Sounds like I haven't set this up exactly as you have, so any additional information on the setup would be great. Thanks!

Hey Joe! Thank you for your quick reply. Did you try enabling the api trigger in staging environment? like this


Also my retool storage functions are in the functions library at the workflow:


Make sure that the workflow is running in staging, not the app.

@pedrowach Great, thanks for that clarification! Can reproduce the issue, and I'll get a bug report submitted ASAP.

Thank you joe, it would be very helpful to test any functionality in staging with the retool storage resource

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I'm running into the same issue.
I have a workflow containing retool storage.
If i want to run that workflow on dev or staging environment, i get this error:

    "success": false,
    "error": "Your workflow contains resources that are not configured for environment dev: retool_storage",
    "message": "Your workflow contains resources that are not configured for environment dev: retool_storage"

A workflow without storage works with the different environments.

Any idea how to overcome this?