Retool Email can't open staging environment

Hi team,
My workflow can't run staging because I can't open staging for retool email

How can I open staging environment for retool email.
Thanks team!

Hello @Phu_Doan!

I believe this is most likely a permissions issue. Are you the admin for the Retool account?

Yes I have admin Retool account but I don't know where to setup staging

Having a similar issue here. Retool Email is unavailable in non-production environments.

This applies for apps, query library and workflows. Is this expected behaviour?

Also, I've checked permissions as the account admin and the retool_email resource is set to "Own". I presume this indicates it is not a permission issue.

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Hello @Phu_Doan and @jamierossiter!

Just FYI you cannot set up staging credentials with the Retool Email resource :sweat_smile:

However you that shouldn't be the reason that you cannot switch your workflow from prod to staging.

To switch a workflow from prod to staging, every single resource (besides Retool Email) must have staging credentials set up from the Resources page as shown below when clicking on the plus symbol on the far right side.

My guess would be that at least one of the other resources being used (excluding Retool Email) doesn't have staging credentials set up, which prevents the workflows/apps from switching modes.

To Jamie's point on Query Library, currently you cannot switch to staging in Query Library, that is a feature request I can request to our eng team to work on.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the insight Jack.

Any reason why Retool Email is unavailable for those other environments?

It makes it difficult to test email functionality with non-prod data.


@jamierossiter To be honest I am not sure :sweat_smile:

I can ask around, I believe because we have set up the resource for users, there isn't any functionality/credentials that they can change.

If users want to test non-prod data with Retool Email, I believe this can be done by switching the resources from prod to staging or any other environment. Then using these resources to pass data into/through the Retool Email resource should be fairly straightforward.

Is there any specific non-prod data/examples off the top of your head that can't be easily tested?