Hi for some reason in my retool cloud the staging env is now showing as disabled. Why is this happened without any of the apparent changes I did to the retool settings. I have checked the query resources have it however the application env toggle only has an option staging(disabled) in the edit mode. in the view mode i only see the app as production. I am an admin so no restrictions should apply

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I have seen staging environments become disabled when one (or more) of the queries in the application are using a resource without a staging environment setup.

Have you had any changes to your resources that may have caused a staging setting to become reset?

No I have two resources that both had staging enabled. I have removed it and added new env called dev to see what is going to happen but now even the dev is disabled so I can only use prod :frowning:

I was going to ask about whether or not the pop-up had any extra information but when I checked on one of my test apps I got this:


So... that's not really going to help figure it out.

It did. I recreated my staging connection for two resources I had available and tested it. Once that was done the staging appeared again. THANX!!!

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I hope ALL Resources in your app also have a staging environment set up to facilitate for other environment

Unfortunately I have the issues again. I have removed and readded and tested the staging connection env to two queries that are used but for some reason it si still disabled

Hey @SmileyPit, can you share a screenshot of the list of queries in the app? Can't reproduce this error, but can look into it with you.

Sorry guys I have to admit that I got a little ahead of myself and reported an issue while the solution was exactly the same. What happened is, I added an AI query and did not realise that it did not have staging env created. once I added it the staging came back as enabled.
The message could be a bit more helpful though pointing to the correct query or resources but instead it was an empty string. In the end I managed to figure it out s thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting back! We do have an engineer taking a look at the empty string that gets returned there. It definitely should and will tell you what resources are missing the staging credentials. Have a great day!