Open Url in container

Hello all,
I have a question to ask 'cause I can't find a solution.
Is there a way to open an external page inside the application and not opening a new window (example in container)?

Hey @snowicedavinci, welcome to the community :hugs:

You could use an iframe component and dynamically set it's URL.

Would that work for you?

Hi dear, i have search in component but in mobile project is not present iframe.

Hey @snowicedavinci!

Would you mind sharing a little more about how you're intending to use the iframe? Mobile browser experiences tend to be full-screen so I'm curious to hear what you have in mind for your app. If you have a mock-up of what you're going for that'd be awesome! Otherwise, the context will help the dev team figure out what they might best be able to support.

Hi, i have create an app mobile for open external site using webview ‘cause in mobile project there is not iframe.

Thanks for the screenshots! Would you want to display the whole site in the iframe, or just part of it, like this?

Yes, but in mobile project there isnt, i can pubblish this app on apple store and for this reason i use retool app on iphone.

:thinking: I don't think I fully understand, sorry! What would the user do in your app after they open the page in an iframe?