Tooltips on action buttons?

To save space, our action buttons are all emojis. But, that means that no one knows what the hell they do... Is there a way to add tooltips?


Same here. Would be very helpful for action buttons in tables to have tooltips!

Thanks for reaching out about this! We have an internal feature request on file for table tooltips, but it hasn't been picked up yet.

I will post on this thread if we ship this feature.

In the meantime, I realize it is not the same thing, but maybe you could add a guide using our app documentation feature?

Any updates on when this might come, we have the exact same situation as @alex-godin

Hi there! Thanks for checking in. We don't have a fix quite yet, unfortunately, but I'll post here with any updates


This can be done relatively easily with the new tables.

Either as a new column

Or as a table action


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