Table Action Buttons as Event Handlers

It would be lovely to trigger event-handler style actions on a table via an action button. Action buttons can currently trigger queries, but why not more? While the queries triggered could be JS queries, thereby mimicking the capabilities of event-handlers, but instead having that native (low-code) support would be great. Some examples:

  • Open a modal and set a temporary variable, thereby setting the context of the modal
  • Apply a filter to a different table
  • Switch to a tab and populate a form with the row's contents

What we need is to trigger different retool pages, depending on the selected row. We would like to have one table with records of different types (the record's type is in one of the columns). Depending on that type, we need to populate and update different fields. Therefore for each action/record type, we want to present the appropriate page to perform those actions. Only one row may be selected in the table.
There is no straightforward solution for that in retool currently. We thought about multiple action buttons conditionally hidden, but that seems also not possible. List view seems to be the solution for our case however, we prefer to stick with tables for UI consistency.
Any chance to add that feature soon?