Tooltips for table column headings

Please can we have tooltips for column headings on tables? To add further explanations to columns of data!




That would be great!

+1 from me – find myself in need of exactly this!

Hi all, thanks for requesting this on the community forum! We're tracking requests for this feature internally and I'll be sure to update this thread if our team rolls out tooltips on table headers.

Just noting again that this would be great!

+1 this would be very useful

+1 really need this feature!

+1 for tooltip option on all components, especially tables.

Noted, thank you all for your +1s!

Just wanted to share an update!

Our new, beta table (called Virtualized Table, docs here) has the option to add tooltips to column headers :tada:

Some caveats:

  • No editable cells (this table is read-only)
  • No server-side pagination available
  • No built-in filter options

These features are coming soon, but not available quite yet :slight_smile:

Let me know if you're interested in trying this new beta table and I should be able to enable it for your org!

I am also looking for tooltip when we hover on table cells.


@bhargavatiyyagura happy to put that request in! Currently, this new beta table only supports tooltips for table column heads, but I'd be happy to put in a new request for tooltips on table cells!

@mitchmess just enabled the flag for you :slight_smile: If you search in the components list, do you see "Virtualized Table"?

And here are our docs on this new table!

Interested :slight_smile:

Hey @fdalcin! Cool, let's sync over email :slight_smile:

Mind emailing me your org's subdomain?

Update to my previous update! :tada:

Our newest Table is live and has even more features :slight_smile:

It has tooltips, it's editable, supports pagination and has built-in filter options!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback and thank you all for the feedback that got us to this point.