Stacked columns / Grouped columns in Tables

Hello, we would like to group some columns in the table component.
For example to have a table with two tier headers like this:


Do you think it's a feature that could be added to Retool tables ?

Existing solutions online:


The native retool table doesn't support merged column headers (yet). You can achieve this tho by creating a custom component and passing the data in the model.

Create a transformer that creates an array of the numbers as you need them, assuming something like:

  name: "Teddy Bears",
  produced_mars: 50000,
  sold_mars: 30000,
  produced_venus: 100000,
  sold_venus: 80000

Pass that into the model data of the custom component and iterate over each product in the HTML of the table.

Thanks for the quick answer !

Unfortunately, we are using multiple features of Retool tables like editable columns, so using a custom component would be too tedious to implement :disappointed_relieved:

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Hey there, @aturiot! Thank you for writing in and requesting that the option for grouped columns be implemented into Retool's platform. I went ahead and put in a feature request for this.

I'll message you back here when it's implemented! :+1:




Thank you very much !

Hi Jay, Any updates on this?

Hey @achin.lalit - thanks for following up here!

It looks like this feature has not yet started being worked on as it is waiting for review from our product team. Thus, there is no date for when eng will begin working on this, but I will be sure to update here once the status changes.



I vote for this feature too.

Hi Jay, Any updates on this feature ?

Hey @Erwan! No updates yet, but just bumped eng on this :slight_smile:

We’re going to be adding this to our new table! Coming soon :sunglasses: Will keep this thread updated once we kick off this work.


Thank you for all your feedback so far and please keep adding your +1’s!

Hi @victoria !

This would really be a great addition to the revamped table component. Any news on the development?

+1 for this feature. We would love to use it in some of our projects.

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:eyes: noted, thank you both!



Hi @victoria , any update on this feature?

Hi there! No updates yet :disappointed: but we'll post here if we hear anything internally