The new preview mode

I'm conflicted.
I like that the new preview mode lets me "use" the app without having to reload every query and it makes those accidental clicks on functionality easier to avoid.
However, it doesn't hide elements that are "always display in edit mode" nor does it honor the _embed flag on the URL.
So in this way it doesn't give me a true preview of what the user will see, which (for me) is the point of previewing the app.
Getting to the "old" preview is now more than a button click away. I'm resorting to changing the URL manually at the moment.
Not sure if this change is here to stay or is still in beta (and my muscle memory of where the hide/show panels are is going to take some adjustments) but wanted to share my initial feedback


Yeah, handling hidden components properly is a really big deal - that's half the reason I use preview mode.

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Hey @dcartlidge thanks for surfacing this! We are addressing it this and next week


Hey! Just wanted to update that we've fixed this issue! Please let us know it still doesn't work the way you expect it to.


confirmed fixed. thank you