Preview button needs to be reverted back

The new preview feature that is just released is just kinda confusing.
Every time when I do the preview and in case my page is reloaded, I got back to the editing mode.
That's fine if a single user is using it. When two user are working on the same app and retool doesn't supports collaborative editing, that makes me and my teammate both into the editing mode whenever the page is reloaded for anyone.

Don't know whether this new feature is actually a feature or downgrade version of previous
preview feature.

Just because of this new preview button, I have restored my previous app versions almost 10 time within a week which was never happened before the release of this new preview. Because I lose the changes whenever app is opened by two persons at same time.

Previous preview was good enough that we just put our app into the preview mode as a default standard after editing and other can use as usual. But with this new version even if some put the app into preview mode app comes into edit mode again.

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Hi Shivam!

Retool designer here, apologize for the confusion. Our goal is to make it quicker to switch between edit mode and preview mode by eliminating the need to navigate to a separate page and wait for it to reload.

Instead, the new Preview toggle will trigger a mode change within the Editor, eliminating the need to go to another page. When you are ready to share your app with colleagues, simply copy the viewer link from the share modal. It's worth noting that the viewer link will not change as you make additional edits, unless you are sharing a specific version.

We have received feedback regarding some confusion around this new behavior, and we are currently working on making several improvements to make it more clear, including adding a "copy link" button to the header.

Hi @maya

Great to see that interface is now optimised.

Do you think this can have some additional restrictions like don't turn up editing mode until it's not turned up externally.

What about collaborative editing support? Is this coming along?

Yes right now you should see a warning if there's another editor opening the app at the same time as you.

We're also planning to look into collaborative editing in the next few weeks -- how often do you find yourself and another editor wanting to work in the same app together? Do you want to edit the layout (components and their properties) or code (queries, transformers, etc) at the same time?

Most of the time I find me and other editor to work on the same app but on other parts of the app.
Yes we want to edit layout and code at the same time

I found a workaround (with the help of Jay from the support team) to add a "Switch back to view mode" button in my navigation, only when the app is in edit mode:

But let's hope that the "Toggle Preview Mode" behaviour gets reverted :wink:

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