The Eureka Moment is Finally here

This is getting interesting now. I tried Azure AI Studio and Retool AI side-by-side to perform the same task by giving the prompt "Create an insightful dashboard with about 10 charts". Azure AI Studio failed to provide me with what I requested. But then the little POC Retool App I made didn't disappoint me. Can you see the huge potential here? We basically can generate comprehensive dashboards with OpenAI's Assistants API. It is just a prompt away!!! I feel that data analytics and dashboards are one of the areas that will be Automated very soon.

If the Retool team is ready to interact with me, I think I should be able to integrate this into Retool as a native component so that anyone can do it like a no-code task.

This is more than what I expected from my POC prototype.

How can I find this feature? OR is it something you built? I am still stuck not even knowing where to start with ANYTHING in ReTool. Same reason I wasn't able to use the simple tools I mentioned in my reply to your other post the first time I tried. And though I understand what I am reading in there documentation, I am unable to actually apply any of it (I think partly from all the head injuries and just as much because of symptoms associated with the ASD perhaps? IDK) and that's what I meant about everyday tasks for most aren't so easy for my self.

So If you could just point me in the right direction perhaps, it would be greatly appreciated - what you are doing in your post would be infinitely helpful for me. So any suggestions from you on this could be my EUREKA moment - and I very much prefer those to any AHA moments as they are just more satisfying when vocalizing the moment as "EUREKA!"

Thanks you very much I just wish I knew how to begin even following what any of your posts are doing but I cannot even write the first line of code despite spending years of reading Solidity and JS and designing a really complex protocol for web3 autographs (not signature requests [which is unneeded risk and liability put on end user signing]) which implements all the needed contract structures and ERC types, needed web3 functions and in what order and between which of these contracts.....

But I still cannot write any of that code. All of the above is just a combination of my own pointless insight into the problem, the solution I saw would world and stumbling upon those EUREKA moments when I found another piece serving a purpose to build one of those functions/features....

This is why I said you are the icing on the ReTool cake for me. Because now I see what exactly ReTool can do for me which was exactly what I was looking for. Just couldn't fathom what I had not yet seen and you shined some light on that - big time. Thanks again.

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Hi @indefiniteness :wave: I believe Harsha is using the chat component: Retool AI chat actions | Retool Docs

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I am using Azure OpenAI Assistants API now to do things like this inside Retool. Let's keep in touch.

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