OpenAI Code Interpreter inside Retool - Experiment

I am getting pretty close to unlocking the full potential of OpenAI's code interpreter to work right inside Retool. I am almost there and this will be a huge breakthrough for nocode and locode community! Hopefully, the good folks at OpenAI will look into this!

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Hi @Harsha_Wijesooriya

your experiments are wonderful, keep them up!

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@abusedmedia - Thank you for the encouragement. Once I get past this hurdle, we can do many things with Code Interpreter and Retool. It's basically like having a data assistant beside you who can do all your Python stuff.

Got it working. Tried it with two different databases from Retool and this time it worked. This means a lot for advanced data analytics inside Retool!


Hey harsha - any chance you could share how you got this working?

Hey Henry - I am using OpenAI Assistants API and the code interpreter to do this. Drop me a message and I can show you how it works. Detailing it out here is a bit challenging.

That's sick - will message you!

Actually wait, sorry, I'm new to this dev forum. Is there a way to DM you?

yes there is and i sent you one i hope you find it. I am trying to build an app for autistic children to be able to enjoy some of the benefit's of ai because it is proving to be very versatile and beneficial to them. this is something that would really be a great feature for them to be able to utilize.

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lol i thought you were the other guy that you are trying to dm as well, sorry

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I sent you a dm. anything you can offer would be so helpful

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