Retool AI Chat with UI components and Assistants API

This is the kind of Chat Interface I am trying to have inside Retool as a custom component.

UI components inside chat

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Been following your posts and finally had to sign up. I first found ReTool about 2 (or maybe even 3) years ago. From what I can remember, it was mainly just the tools that are now found, for example, on pages like the Dev Utilities page... The site was still being built and seemed like ReTool (and/or the team building it) had yet to find out what it was attempting to become but knew what it had to offer. And in hindsight, I think I was in that exact position: I saw a set of extremely well built tools that were so simple at face value it would be easy to overlook the value of what those tools were able to accomplish and how easily they did it.

I said I was in the same position because, I remember thinking, IF this was finished, it would be the end of my search. I didn't even know what I was looking for nor that I was even searching. But I can say that being someone that has something to build but cannot code, has extremely acute symptoms from high function ASD and in whatever the 4 types they had grouped at the time I was diagnosed, and easily double that in the number of traumatic brain injuries I have had... well, not only do I ramble, but more than that, I DO things. But in the "digital" world that it now the norm that translates into technology becoming more trouble than it is worth because even tasks that most people never think twice about during their day to day, are nigh impossible to me. If you put it behind an interface - you get it.

I think had ReTool's team or myself been anymore aware of what was to come in such a short time, there would easily be 100x the number of users on these message boards today. I couldn't even use those simple utilities I found back then... I knew I wanted to but most of my problem is that, even though I have so many things I can build from (ideas are their own source code wink) that I realize would help so many, I could see that ReTool was the only thing I have ever found with the potential to be the tool needed to do it. At that time, I just quietly hoped that they would succeed in building what they knew that had to offer, even it they still were unsure what it would become.

But I digress... I just said a whole lot to say very little.
Though if I am saying anything it is this: for an individual like my self, YOU SIR, are the icing on the cake for ReTool - I see now a glimpse of what I was hoping ReTool was but had not yet been able to fathom. So please, show me the way!

I am applying for their startup credits also, I have tried for close to two years (around the time I started trying to find something to build with) to get a grant so that I could get a web3 dev for the first protocol I have designed and never have succeeded (I guess most investors want you to have a team first, while any devs want you to have funding first)... I even had the creator of the email me out of the blue wanting to build it and so after a lengthy video call with him I told him I would be full time focused on finding funding since design was ready... which was about 8 months ago.

So here we are...

(I would like to note that I do very much appreciate the team for building things in a way that the interface is actually aware of the user. It's the only thing I've found that is. I mean, I compose music that is aware of the listener, but I didn't think such a subtlety that adds so much to the experience of creating something and for those it was created for is all but non-existent in a consumer driven market... It appears the things that you build, Harsha, are quite cognizant as well!)