RetoolAI in Action

In this demo, I will show you how we can integrate RetoolAI with your data to get more insights using natural language queries right inside Retool. Just to be clear, I am not using any vector database when doing this.

** I did this Automatic Voiceover for the screen recording using a tool made by my son

Click to view it in action


looks great! how are you doing it?

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There is so much going on here!

@Harsha_Wijesooriya it's interesting to see how you've utilised the AI Chat feature for this, I can see people really benefiting from being able to talk their questions out and get a response.

This could really step up quickly generated demos - Adds a note of personalisation without having to have the equiptment to record a good voiceover!

Overall looks amazing!

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I will have more details on how to do this later. I am still figuring things out.

Thank you @ben-salesi and I invite you to try the Voiceovergpt when you get a chance.

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Just leaving a reply as I'm interested to see how this was implemented as well.

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