Text Highlight in a Navigation Module is Not Working

I've created a module with a navigation component and it has a color set for Highlight text.

I've added this module to several apps to create consistent navigation across them I can edit globally.

Everything works fine except the highlight isn't working.

Additionally I had copied the component for this module from an app, and when it was built from the app, the highlighting worked properly.

The same error happens to me.

If you can share screenshots of the logic being used in highlight field, that should help! I tested out the highlight feature in modules and couldn't replicate the bug. It's possible that there is a scoping issue. :thinking:

My colleague has a fantastic post about Modules on the forum that you may also find a great resource!

Thanks for that! What logic is used to decide if a Menu Item is highlighted?

Previously just what I had in the screenshot. But I've recreated the setup in the module post you sent me and haven't gotten that to work:

  • Create Input for the module. name=navselector Type=Data
    *Each menu item. Type=Custom. Event handler=utils.openApp. Highlight = {{navselector.value==='APP NAME'}}

I have the highlight working somewhat by accident now. I made a new module with a vertical navigation and put that in a sidebar on my apps. Didn't specify any highlighting logic, seemed to work automatically.

@henrymeiklejohn Hmm, that should work :thinking:. Is this still an issue you're having?

If not, there may be an issue with the value of the input. Double check that the input to the module is what you were expecting.

It's not an issue with the vertical navigation+sidebar combo, which I will be using as my global navigation going forward.

But I couldn't fix the issue with the header+horizontal navigation combo I was using before.

I don't care to troubleshoot the header+horizontal navigation combo, since I'm sticking with the other setup but it does seem like a bug.

Thanks for clarifying. I'll try to reproduce this bug on our end and if so, get it documented. :+1:

Any update on this? I see the same issue for horizontal navigation. It works as a component but when I make it a module the active page no longer highlights.

None yet. I will post on this thread as soon as I have an update so feel free to follow along here!