New navbar navigation item disappears

We have a navbar component with 6 options. When I add or remove an option, it appears in edit mode. Then when I click on any different option and the edit view reloads, the new option is gone. Attached are screenshots of the issue, in order of operation.

  1. Current navbar with config
  2. Create new 'test navbar' option that directs to a new page none of the other items navigate to
  3. Click on a new navbar option, test option disappears

@brady Welcome to the forum!
Is the navbar being used as a module?

It is indeed a module! Thank you for pointing that out, I am new to building with Retool :smiley:

Hey @brady! Are you generally seeing that components inside of your modules are selectable in their parent app? Or does it only appear to be with this module in particular?

I think what was confusing is that I can select the navbar1::navigation option in the Component tree. This navbar is a module as you can see in that tree, along with the ::navigation and ::welcomeText components. And when I select the ::navigation option, I see the option in the Inspector to edit the navigation Menu Items. When I added a new item there, it showed up in the navbar until I navigated to a different tab in the navbar.

For sure! It looks like you've run into a bug here, your app shouldn't be in a state where you can select module components from a parent app in the first place :sweat_smile: I haven't had much luck reproing it but have brought the issue up with the dev team for them to look into. If you notice that it keeps happening in newly created apps can you let me know?

Sure thing! Now that I'm a bit more experienced and understand how modules work I don't anticipate running into this again.