Navigation Menu custom navigation to apps breaks Highlighting

Hey there!

I have a navigation component in the top in the form of module that is shared between all apps.

Initially I had an issue of buttons in navigation component not showing up on public link – but it got fixed when I switched to custom, as was suggested per

But I can't get to work the Highlight feature now I tried doing {{ retoolContext.appName == "noshow/workers" }} for Highlight for each of the navigation options, but it didn't work.

I would appreciate your help on getting navigation menu to work on public link with highlighting

Hey @Top_Admin!

From what you've described it looks like that should work. Would you mind posting a screenshot of your navigation settings?

It might also be helpful to create a text component that just displays {{ retoolContext.appName }} so you can examine and compare what its value is when you're previewing the public app.