Tags listing/updating from Rest API

I'm trying to GET and POST tags for a specific row in a table.

I get the the tags which are structured as such:

item { 
    id: 1, 
    title: banana, 
    tags_id: [
            tags_id: 3},
            tags_id: 2}],

I'm unclear how I would tap into the tags array to show and list the tags individually.
They just show up like this in a table:

How can these tags be editable or updatable via REST?

Hey @toby!

Happy to help here! It looks like this tag structure is somewhat nested. In. your example code, are you looking to display these tags ids or the title of these tags?\

As for editing/updating these tags, you could populate a multi-select component based on the selected row of the table and allow users to add tags this way. After a user is done editing them, you would need to connect an update query and then run the query that populates this table on successful updates. Do you think this could work for your use case here?

Yeah I've been thinking about this.. there's no slick way of doing Tag editing at the minute. I even thought of creating buttons dynamically and use icons to show up on hover to make it look like you could delete it but you can't control this.


I'm curious if there's a way to combine some of the suggestions brought up here. Can you share your thoughts a little more on the specific functionality you'd like to see?

Also, how many potential tags would a row have?

Well I'd like a normal tagging system, aka an input box with single keyword entry that saves to tags. This would create a array which could get passed back.

Just want to flag here for anyone who may be following this thread that multi-tag columns are available in the new table!