Table toolbar and Cancel button disappeared

The 'Cancel' button in a editable table is hidden. It is still possible to click on it (and still works) by clicking on the left side of the 'Save Changes' button.

Another strange behavior I've found is the disappearance of the table toolbar when using the following settings in the screenshot below. The toolbar shows up after enabling the download button.

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-04 om 11.38.15

Both tested with latest Chrome and Safari.

Hey @Nick! Good catch, definitely a bug on our end. Sharing w/ the team and will loop back once it’s fixed.

Hi @Nick! This was just fixed—are you able to see the ‘Cancel’ button now?

Thank you for reporting this so quickly, super helpful. :blush:

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Yes, both bugs are fixed. Thanks!


@victoria @justin
I found out that the bug with the table toolbar isn't fixed for non paginated tables.

Hey @Nick!

Are you still seeing this behavior? I'm able to see the toolbar when Show loading state and Show refresh button are toggled on.

Let me know!

Yes, i’m still seeing this behavior.

Ack. Sorry about this, @Nick. I just created a bug report for our engineers, and will follow-up in this thread upon fix!

Hi there,
I'm experiencing this issue as of today 2021-11-19 as well. Toggling the download button will optionally show or hide the entire table toolbar. I don't need download, I do need filter and refresh.

Hi @51Forge! What version of Retool are you on? This is currently working for me, so perhaps you're running Retool on an older version? Not sure, but happy to dig into this with you!

Sorry for the delay! This is still happening across many tables on different apps. I'm using Retool Version:2.82.25

I definitely see this happening intermittently as well. I’ll finally think I have a repro (remove all buttons, then try adding back buttons), but then I’ll have a teammate test it and it works. Or I’ll test it again and it works. A brand new table component should definitely work/allow you to still see the toolbar. Either way, this shouldn’t be happening! If you know of a sure fire way to reproduce this, that would define its expedite the time to fix :slight_smile:

Either way, I’ll create a bug report for this and we’ll keep trying to track the cause down.

Hi everyone - this should be fixed, once and for all! :crossed_fingers: Is anyone still running into this bug?