Legacy table "+" and "x" buttons/icons for add/remove filter are no longer visible

Members of my team began reporting that the "x" button to remove legacy-table filters disappeared across our apps.

I was still seeing the icon and able to click it, and we were all on the same Live published version of the app in question, so I suspected a Chrome issue.

Updating and restarting Chrome, that button and the "+" next to "Add filter" then disappeared for me as well.

Opening the Chrome DevTools inspector, I can see the ARIA element in the HTML but no button or svg element to actually click.

My Chrome: Version 120.0.6099.129 (Official Build) (arm64)
Our Retool: v3.27.0-5ce99c0 (Build 144218)

(Before updating Chrome, I was on Version 119.0.6045.199 and could see the icons, but I don't know if that matters, especially as another team member told me they could not see the icons while on Version 118.0.5993.117 )

Also occurs in Safari, Version 16.4 (18615.

Haven't yet tried Firefox or Edge.

Hey @dguzzo, are you still running into this issue? I haven't been able to duplicate this on the current version of Retool Cloud (3.32.0) on the latest version of Chrome or Safari. If you are still running into this could you share if you have any sort of Custom CSS set globally or for your specific app? If you try this in a new app with the legacy table does the issue persist?

Hi @cperea, thanks for checking in. My Jan. 3rd email to Retool support eventually got a response from Daniel on Jan. 24th checking in. It was right around this time I noticed the issue was no longer present (but had been for most of the intervening time).

For the record, we were not using any custom CSS.

Got it thanks for the info, and glad it's working properly now! We haven't seen any other reports of this. If you run into this again please feel free to reach back out!

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