Table properties crash when adding summary row

I don't know how I did it, but somehow I dragged and dropped something from the Add-ons section. Now when I add a Summary row to the table, the table properties section crashes. Only this problem only occurs in this table. Deleting the table and rebuilding it seems to solve the problem, but I think it is a bug that needs to be solved in the long run.

Hi @edurmush - glad to hear you weren't blocked by this issue and that you haven't seen this recur since re-adding the table. I've been attempting to recreate this problem on my end and have not been able to do so. If you do see this happen again or remember the steps you took to cause this error to display, please do shoot me a reply here and we can take a closer look! That said, hopefully this is an isolated issue!


Hi there! It looks like we shipped a fix this issue :blush:

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