Table crashes when selecting a tag column after moving any column

Hi all,

I build a custom table using the new component and I'm facing a new issue.
I don't see any mention of it anywhere, whether on this forum or on the web.

The issue is:

I have 2 editable Tag type columns (see example below)


and when I try to modify one of them after moving a column (one of the Tag type or any other column), the table crashes (see below) and I have to fully reload the page.


The issue is persisting even if I move the moved column back to its original place.
I don't have any problem with any other editable column, only the Tag type ones.

Even stranger, the crash is only happening in production (when the app is opened with the share link) not in development, even if there is no difference between the two versions (I double checked).

If any member of the Retool Team would like to check out my app, please don't hesitate to do so! (Livers Overview)

Have any of you ever faced this problem?
Thank you for your help!


It seems that after moving any column, I can't edit ANY editable column, not just the Tag ones.
With the Tag columns, the table crashes but with the others editable ones the modification is just not taken into account and the table doesn't crash.

Hi @Adrien_G, thank you for reporting this. I'm looking into it now!

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For anyone else who encounters this: the issue is specifically when "Include full rows in changeset array" is enabled.

A fix has been identified and will be rolling out by next week at the latest.


Thanks for your responsiveness!

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Just to circle back, @Alexi's fix was deployed 10 days ago in the 3.5.0 Retool Cloud release, and will be in version 3.5.1 for on-prem. Thank you Alexi! :tada: And thank you @Adrien_G for reporting this :rocket: :bowing_woman:

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