Table Performance Issues for a few thousand lines

Hi! I am loving how convenient the table component is, and how easy to use it is with existing database sources. But I have a database table with about 1800 rows (14 columns) but that still takes a full minute to finish loading, even though the query completed in 3 seconds. The same for a table with about 7000 rows (19 columns), where it never even gets to being loaded.

I have read a lot about how the new table component should be so very fast and better, But I am not sure if I am seeing that. I have enabled table pagination so the component shouldn't make thousands of rows but I still would expect better for a few thousand paginated rows.

Am I missing something obvious or is this the current state of the table component? This happens both in the editor as in the live version. I would be happy to give more information if needed.

@samve To me it seems like the next step would be to enable client side pagination (you can add it from add-ons).

It seems like what you’re running into is the browser struggling to render so many rows at once, especially if you have lots of columns with complex logic attached to them.

If you enable pagination and cap it to like 500 rows it will be much more manageable while still being able to display all the data.

Yeah but that's the thing. It is paginated, so it should never render more than 20 lines. And the query itself takes only a few seconds (according to the networking tab and the retool timeline). That's why I believe there should be client-side solutions

@samve Do you mean that the query is paginated or that you've already enable pagination on the table component?

The table component is paginated. The queries not because the queries themselves don't seem to be the bottleneck

I figured it out. Turns out when you create an app using the templates it will still use the legacy table component. Not what I expected at all. It also wasn't very obvious in the editor that it was the legacy component. I'll update all applications to have the new table component then. It is a lot more performant, as I expected.


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Thanks, @samve we're going through all the templates to ensure they're updated :disappointed: Sorry about that!

Thanks for following up! That's great! I'm glad I figured it out and more than impressed with the current performance :grin:

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