Intermittent app slowness


More and more frequently we're experiencing slowness within our app. The linter indicates a few slow queries (~10s for 3 queries to complete), but the queries themselves execute relatively quickly (~1s per query) when triggered independently. I'm not sure if this slowness is caused by our use of legacy table components or some other reason. Manually upgrading the tables seems to be fairly involved considering a large number of columns and special actions. Is there a way to automatically upgrade our legacy table components?

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Hi @johnwp What types of queries are they (Postgres, JS, etc) & what are they doing (i.e. returning 1000s of records, transforming data, etc)?

The new table was definitely designed to be more performant! The new table is also has more features. But, unfortunately, we don't have an upgrade path. Switching to the new table requires configuring a brand new table component from scratch