Retool crashing and it is throwing "ran out of memory"

I am using an API that is returning 4000 rows and a data size: 1.12 MB. It throws an error when I trigger the query. I do see the "query ran successfully popup and then it throws error"

It does work when the response number of rows are less (worked for 400 too)

Is there a fix number of rows that can be ran?
and can someone please help me fix it because it is causing a lot of issues.

When I am running the query it works and display the data below but when setting the data in the table it runs into memory issues.

Hi @ritvik_singhvi

Thanks for reaching out about this!

Would you be able to show a screenshot of the error? Since it is working with less rows, is server side pagination an option for you to work around this?

We do not necessarily have a specific number of rows that can be returned in a query, but our current table component is often not very performant with large datasets like this (in which case, I'd recommend pagination or filtering). We’re currently working on a new version of our Table component, which will be more performant. To share where we’re at in development, our new Table component supports scrolling up to 500K rows and includes 11 of our most popular cell types (Number, Text, DateTime, HTML, etc). It also supports basic column functionality (resizing, reordering, pinning, hiding, data alignment), single column sorting, select row and cell event handlers, theming, and keyboard navigation. We're looking forward to releasing this upgraded component once we've added more functionality & done more beta testing. Hope that context is helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

that sounds amazing, is there an ETA on it?
I'll also try out server side pagination

Let us know how pagination goes!

I believe we're targeting Q1 2023, but no guaranteed ETA yet

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Hi @Tess, facing this issue again, is this feature launched?

The new table should be available within a couple of weeks :slightly_smiling_face: I'll post here when it officially launches

great! and will my existing components upgrade automatically or something is required?

Hi @ritvik_singhvi,

No, your existing components will not upgrade. The table will launch as a new, separate component, so you'll need to drag & drop it in to your app & re-set up your data/custom settings

Longer term, we do plan to have a way to upgrade existing components, but that's further out :slightly_smiling_face:

got it! sounds good tho, looking forward to trying it out.

Hi @Tess, i saw new table component was launched in cloud, is it also launched for self hosted?

Hi @ritvik_singhvi Apologies about not posting back here for cloud! My notification on this thread didn't go through :disappointed:. The new table will be coming to on-prem in a few versions from now! (after v2.123)